As a Graphic Designer/Photographer I specialize in multiple services in this field of work. My main work is Photography/Videography, Logo Design/Branding and Editorial Work



Photography and videography is one of my strong suits in this field. I go out multiple times a week taking photos/videos practicing and improving my skills. I currently use a Sony A7III with two lenses and a flash. I have done work for trucking conventions, bands, weddings and etc. On my spare time I like to take lots of portrait shots, car pictures and landscape photography. I also really enjoy nighttime photography as my camera handles low light pictures extremely well. Please feel free to contact me for any quotes for work.


Logo Design/Branding

This is one of my favourite things to work on in this field of work. I have a lot of passion for Logo Design/Branding. I very much enjoy creating logos and branding identity for companies. I often find myself studying the logo/branding of companies everywhere I go. I am always willing to expand my knowledge and gain more experience. Please feel free to contact me for any quotes for work.



Type treatment is something that can make or break your design. I consider it to be one of the most important components. I very much enjoy editorial work as everything flows together with a design and type treatment. Please feel free to contact me for any quotes for work.